Providing research, development, and educational programming in the areas of social innovation, social enterprise, social procurement, and social finance.

Scale Institute supports the sector through a variety of different means: resources and toolkits, case studies, webinars and workshops, and programs.

Scale Institute is funded through a combination of grants, government funding, contracts, and sponsorships. We work on a project-to-project basis, identifying areas of innovation and developing new approaches grounded in research and tested for impact.


If you are a non-profit thinking about starting a social enterprise, why not buy one of the many businesses that are for sale?

Community wealth building redirects wealth back into the local economy, placing ownership and benefits into the hands of local people and organizations.

Local governments invest billions of dollars annually with few options for investments in positive local impact. If they can invest in other countries’ communities, why not in their own?

Municipal Place-Based Investments

This research explores how non-profit culture and gender bias can create barriers to accessing finance, and shares findings and recommendations to support increasing access for those affected.

Non-Profit Financing Research

A research and mapping project seeking to better understand the current landscape of non-profit-owned assets, and any potential risks that may lead to the loss of these assets.

Non-profit owned assets


seCatalyst was a series of events to learn about, showcase and inspire social enterprise. seCatalyst hosted learning events, conferences, pitch galas, incubation bootcamps, and networking events.

Vancouver Island Social Innovation Zone (VISIZ) was a research, mapping, planning and innovation initiative to strengthen the local social enterprise ecosystem.


Joanna Buczkowska-McCumber, Chair
Joanna Buczkowska-McCumber, Chair Chief Impact Strategist | Ideas for Impact
Joanna Buczkowska-McCumber is the Chief Impact Strategist at Ideas for Impact, a full-service social impact agency specializing in social impact incubation and acceleration systems, impact-focused growth, innovative business models, and comprehensive actionable strategies to address social and environmental challenges through the business lens. Joanna believes we can create enterprises that are not only profitable but create social and environmental value in our communities through their activities and brands.

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Jolynn Green, Vice-Chair
Jolynn Green, Vice-ChairExecutive Director | Community Futures Central Island
Since 2010, Jolynn Green has been Executive Director at Community Futures Central Island, where she understands the need for diversified income streams and self-reliance for non-profits. Jolynn’s hands-on experience assisting hundreds of small businesses from startup to expansion and her rich and diverse work experience combined with lifelong learning has created a business acumen steeped in human resources, project management, organizational development, and nonprofit sector management. She is an entrepreneur at heart and has been self-employed.

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Kariann Aarup, Board Member
Kariann Aarup, Board MemberVP, Program Development | AquaAction
Deeply committed to sustainability, Kariann has always worked at the crossroads of business and social impact. With an MBA from McGill University, Kariann has 20+ years of experience working across multiple sectors, successfully co-founding and leading a national youth social-impact internship NGO; developing a sustainability-focused experiential learning business curriculum at McGill; and working to embed community engagement & impact practices within the mining sector.

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Michelle Cho-Black, Board Member
Michelle Cho-Black, Board MemberConsultant, Social Impact & Strategic Planning | Social Root Consulting
Michelle is a compassionate leader, social impact strategist and communications specialist. She has spent the last 20 years working with non-profit organizations and volunteering internationally. Combining her background in business and entrepreneurship, non-profit management and intercultural relations, she has specifically focused on supporting socially innovative teams in growing and achieving beyond their goals.

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Scale Institute appreciates the generous support of these partners and funders:

Island Coastal Economic Trust
Rural Opportunities Fund
Royal Roads University
Government of British Columba