Providing research, development, and educational programming in the areas of social innovation, social enterprise, social procurement, and social finance.

Scale Institute supports the sector through a variety of different means: resources and toolkits, case studies, webinars and workshops, and programs.

Scale Institute is funded through a combination of grants, government funding, contracts, and sponsorships. We work on a project-to-project basis, identifying areas of innovation and developing new approaches grounded in research and tested for impact.



Business Legacies Initiative is a multi-year research and education project exploring the transition of existing businesses into non-profit ownership. Its purpose is to both maintain small business activity within local economies, as well as provide social enterprise acquisition options for non-profits.
To date, this initiative has conducted literature reviews, case studies and surveys that have helped to develop an acquisition guide and accompanying education. The initiative is overseen by a volunteer Advisory Committee of non-profit and community economic development leaders.


seCatalyst was a network of organizations and community leaders building a strong and innovative social enterprise sector on Vancouver Island. seCatalyst collaborated to host a range of knowledge sharing and professional development events to educate, showcase and build the capacity of Island-based social enterprises.
Between 2014-2019, over 4000 people attended an seCatalyst day of learning, workshop, or program. seCatalyst was initially operated as a volunteer initiative and is a legacy program of Scale Institute.


Joanna Buczkowska-McCumber: Chair
Joanna Buczkowska-McCumber: Chair Chief Impact Strategist at Ideas for Impact
Joanna Buczkowska-McCumber is the Chief Impact Strategist at Ideas for Impact, a full-service social impact agency specializing in social impact incubation and acceleration systems, impact-focused growth, innovative business models, and comprehensive actionable strategies to address social and environmental challenges through the business lens. Joanna believes we can create enterprises that are not only profitable but create social and environmental value in our communities through their activities and brands.

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Jolynn Green, Vice-Chair
Jolynn Green, Vice-ChairExecutive Director, Community Futures Central Island
Since 2010, Jolynn Green has been Executive Director at Community Futures Central Island, where she understands the need for diversified income streams and self-reliance for non-profits. Jolynn’s hands-on experience assisting hundreds of small businesses from startup to expansion and her rich and diverse work experience combined with lifelong learning has created a business acumen steeped in human resources, project management, organizational development, and nonprofit sector management. She is an entrepreneur at heart and has been self-employed.

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Shawn Smith, Treasurer and Secretary
Shawn Smith, Treasurer and SecretaryCo-founder and Director at RADIUS
Shawn Smith is the co-founder and Director of RADIUS, as well as an Adjunct Professor at the Beedie School of Business and Director of Social Innovation for Simon Fraser University. Having spent the last 15 years working with, in and on social impact organizations on three continents, Shawn is also a founder at several other organizations including IMPAQTO (Ecuador), Global Agents for Change and Education Generation, co-led the ALT/Now Economic Inequality systems change program at the Banff Centre, and speaks and consults regularly on social innovation and entrepreneurship.

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Kariann Aarup, Board Member
Kariann Aarup, Board MemberDirector, Partnership and Program Development at Aqua Forum
Kariann has been working with AquaAction since 2017, focusing on scaling its flagship program, the AquaHacking Challenge, as well as developing new programming to further leverage young Canadian entrepreneurial and tech talent for freshwater outcomes. This has enabled Kariann to bring her deep connection to the natural world as well as her professional experience in multiple sectors to bare on freshwater.

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Scale Institute appreciates the generous support of these partners and funders:

Island Coastal Economic Trust
Rural Opportunities Fund
Royal Roads University
Government of British Columba